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Lijf & Beeld - In dialoog met George Grard (Enrique Marty)

22-06-2019 - 22-09-2019

Kunstencentrum Ten Bogaerde, Koksijde, BE

Two works of Enrique Marty have been selected for the group exhibition ‘Lijf & Beeld - In dialoog met George Grard’ (‘Body & Image’ - In dialogue with George Grard’).
The ‘Lijf & Beeld’ exhibition connects a number of key works of art by George Grard through either dialogue or confrontation with sculptures and installations by Laure Forêt, Susanna Inglada, Athar Jaber, Enrique Marty, Stefan Papco, Peter Rogiers and Anne Wenzel. Ten Bogaerde focuses on the human body: in ceramics or plaster, stone, steel or bronze, on canvas or on cardboard, drawn, painted or embroidered.
Humanity portrayed in various shapes and volumes, moves between the figurative and the abstract and is in proportion with the impressive space. The fascination of the artists with various human aspects is evident in their work as a twisted human body or a monumental bust, as skin or a sketch and as a concentrated observer or a model deep in thought.

Curator: Els Wuyts

Official opening: Saturday 22 June 2019 11 am
Please confirm your attendance before Wednesday 19 June
via or tel. 058 53 34 40

The exhibition runs until 22 September.

Kunstencentrum Ten Bogaerde, Ten Bogaerdelaan 10, Koksijde
Info and opening hours:
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Enrique Marty, ‘Revealed outdoor scene 2’, 2014, mixed media, 225x138x73 cm
Enrique Marty, ‘Revealed outdoor scene 3’, 2014, mixed media, 155x138x127 cm