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De zindering van de zee. Een eerbetoon aan Bas Jan Ader

14-09-2018 - 06-01-2019

The Mesdag Collection, Den Haag, NL

The Sensation of the Sea: In honour of Bas Jan Ader
The Mesdag Collection, Laan van Meerdervoort 7F, The Hague, NL
14-09-2018 - 06-01-2019

The works Treasure Trash by Andy Wauman and Small paintings by Enrique Marty are currently on view at the group exhibition The Sensation of the Sea: In honour of Bas Jan Ader at The Mesdag Collection, home to the extraordinary collection of 19th-century art.
For The Sensation of the Sea, guest curator Joanna De Vos has invited several international artists to engage in a dialogue with The Mesdag Collection. These contemporary artists are captivated by the grandeur and tempestuousness of the ocean. The attraction of the sea is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for them, a ‘battery for the imagination’.
Odes to the performance In Search of the Miraculous by the Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader form the exhibition’s connecting thread. Ader disappeared in 1975 as he attempted to sail across the Atlantic. His soul became one with the untameable power of the sea. The tributes to Ader’s artistic practice highlight the enticement and mystery of the ocean.