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Enrique Marty - All your world is pointless

06 February - 10 March 2019
Vernissage 03 February 2019 / 14:00 - 18:00

The seventh solo exhibition of Spanish artist Enrique Marty (b. 1969) at Deweer Gallery 'All your World is Pointless' takes the viewer on an audio-visual trip through the absurdity of human existence and the way in which we ourselves deal with it, laced with Marty's typical sense of self-reflection and surreal humour, and numerous references to psychology, philosophy and history. Using a wide range of artistic devices, ranging from hyperrealistic puppets, bronze sculptures, remarkable paintings, and collages to animated films, Enrique Marty depicts himself, his friends/family as well as figures from history and Greek mythology as tragicomic, symbolic extras in a grotesque epic. To fashion the faces and limbs of the dolls, Enrique Marty experimented for the first time with silicone, which feels soft and lifelike to the touch.

An undercurrent/obsession in the works of Enrique Marty is the relationship between the observer and the observed. The basis of this obsession originates in an anecdote: a man who is observing - and possibly also judging - an obese, strangely dressed man in a train, is simultaneously observed and judged by Enrique Marty, who ultimately notices that he too is being observed. In short, people looking at others and making their own judgment based on their own perspective. In Marty's intense universe, it all comes together, in a melting pot filled with dreams, melodrama and exaggeration.

Book Presentation ‘Observer, observed’

3.02.2019, 3pm followed by a signing session

Panel discussion
with Julie Espeel Vandenbroucke, Peter Swinnen, Philippe Van Cauteren en Enrique Marty. Moderator: Dries Verstraete. Language: English.

Following the new publication 'Observer, observed' by Enrique Marty, Deweer Gallery organises a conversation about the value of the work of the Spanish artist, the underlying ideas and the social/philosophical undertone of the oeuvre. You can expect a challenging and stimulating dialogue with questions that matter. Beside Enrique Marty himself, there are 3 more participants. Julie Espeel Vandenbroucke is a collector from the very beginning and says: ‘The puppets, our Alter Ego’s, are a part of our daily lives and always keep watch at home’. Peter Swinnen was the curator of Marty’s spatial and conceptual intervention A house might be a lethal weapon in the Atelier Vlaams Bouwmeester in Brussels (2014). And finally there is Philippe Van Cauteren, artistic director of S.M.A.K., where Marty’s installation Fear and Megalomania in Fifteen Different States has been exhibited during the group show Hareng Saur: Ensor and Contemporary Art (2010/2011). S.M.A.K. recently accepted a donation of the artist to their permanent collection, more specific the moving, socially critical installation Lonely Stalker. The work is a ghostly pop-up city that includes various puppets/objects. Lonely Stalker has already been shown at various locations in the Belgium and abroad. Moderator Dries Verstraete knows - as former artist liaison of Deweer Gallery - the work of Marty very well. He worked on different internal / external exhibitions and publications of Marty, often in close collaboration with the artist.

Julie Espeel Vandenbroucke

From 1989 onward, Julie Espeel Vandenbroucke, together with her husband Michel Espeel, supported collaborations between artists and the metal company Constructies Espeel.  Her passion for contemporary art and her vision on the partnership between artists and companies led to the establishment of Arteconomy in March 2002.  With Arteconomy, Vandenbroucke has realised many innovation projects for companies/organisations that constitute a win-win for both partners. Vandenbroucke has supported various scientific studies and publications on this subject. She is also active in various policy-making bodies in and outside the cultural sector.

Peter Swinnen

Peter Swinnen is a Brussels based architect, operating within the convergence of space production and political policy. Trained at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London he pursued an apprenticeship at Luc Deleu/T.O.P. Office. In 1997 he founded 51N4E space producers with Lieven De Boeck. Between 2010/15 he enrolled as Flemish State Architect, a public mandate empowering architecture as a policy whispering discipline. In 2012 he co-curated The Ambition of the Territory (13th Venice Architecture Biennale). Since 2015 he spearheads CRIT. and is affiliated to ETH, KUL and UniLu. He edited Double or Nothing (2011), Reasons for Walling a House (2012) and is preparing I Prefer Not To and The Un-Private Client.

Philippe Van Cauteren

Philippe Van Cauteren is artistic director of S.M.A.K., Ghent.  Under his leadership, the exhibition program became geared towards monographic exhibitions by leading artists.  In 2017 he made the exhibition The City, My Studio / The City, My Life for the Kathmandu Triennale. At the 56th edition of the Venice Biennale in 2015, he curated the Iraqi pavilion.  At the 55th edition of this Biennale, he was co-curator of the Belgian pavilion.  His interest in art in the public space manifested itself in the international exhibition TRACK (2012) which he organised together with Mirjam Varadinis (curator at Kunsthaus, Zurich) in Ghent.

Dries Verstraete

Dries Verstraete is an art historian and musicologist. He has collaborated on numerous publications and projects in the field of old and contemporary art, music and film, and is a former artist liaison of Deweer Gallery. He currently writes for Mousse magazine.