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Collector's Room #20: Just Paintings

06 February - 10 March 2019

‘Just Paintings’ is a group exhibition that focuses on several approaches of the medium painting. The show contains works by artists that move away from the dualism figuration/abstraction, such as the paintings of John Kørner (°1967), Thomas Kratz (°1972), George Little (°1988) and Gerda Scheepers (°1979). Besides, ‘Just Paintings’ will display works of art that tend towards figurative painting as a way to invent alienating worlds, showcasing paintings by Marc Bauer (°1975), Tatjana Gerhard (°1974), Benjamin Moravec (°1977) and Norbert Witzgall (°1976). The result is recognizable (we understand more or less what we see), although a lot of mystery surrounds the meaning of the images. The exhibition will present new artistic production by Marc Bauer, George Little, and Benjamin Moravec, along with existing works of the other participating artists.

Participating artists: Marc Bauer, Tatjana Gerhard, John Kørner, Thomas Kratz, George Little, Benjamin Moravec, Gerda Scheepers and Norbert Witzgall

Available works from the show