Anna Vogel - Leaving the Water

03 February - 06 March 2016

The first solo show in Belgium by German artist Anna Vogel (°Herdecke, Germany, 1981 / works in Düsseldorf). Vogel, who was a student of Thomas Ruff and Andreas Gursky, foresees for her exhibition ‘Leaving the Water’ an ensemble of 34 new works, of which a certain number is discussed and reproduced in the book ‘Anna Vogel - Data Base Entry’ that is being published at the occasion of Vogel’s exhibitions at Deweer Gallery and the Kunstverein Recklinghausen (11.12.2015 – 24.1.2016). The works of Vogel are based on photography; Vogel makes very intriguing photos or combination of photography, drawing and print, thematically dealing with digital communication, religion and biology.

Click here for the exhibition file of the show.