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The Raft. Art is (not) lonely

22-10-2017 - 15-04-2018

Enrique Marty, Sculpture from the Series 'The Raft', 2017 (copyright Quique Acosta)

Andy Wauman, Noatun Bhakti’, 2017 (copyright the artist)


The Raft. Art is (not) lonely
participation of four artists from Deweer Gallery:
Jan Fabre
Ilya & Emilia Kabakov
Enrique Marty - for this exhibition, the artist made a new Series of paintings of which 15 will be shown at Hotel du Parc Ostend while others will be presented at Deweer Gallery. For the complete list of this Series, please contact Deweer Gallery.
Andy Wauman
curators: Jan Fabre and Joanan De Vos

Opening on Saturday 21.10.2017
14.00 - free visit to the exhibition - start at Mu.ZEE Kunstmuseum Aan Zee (Romestraat 11, Ostend)
19.00 - welcome in Oostende Versluys Arena (Leopold Van Tyghemlaan 62, Ostend)
19.30 - performance: A Beautiful match between artists and curators (more info)