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Founded in 1979 by Mr and Mrs Mark and Marleen Deweer in Otegem, a small village in the south of West-Flanders, Deweer Gallery has recently embarked for the second big chapter of its history.

Both sons of the gallery’s founders, Bart and Gerald Deweer, have indeed recently taken over the lead of the gallery with the intention to continue playing a dynamic role on the scene of the international contemporary arts and to promote a new generation of artists by means of strong gallery exhibitions and regular participations at the most important international art fairs.

The change of generation could be observed not only from the ambitious gallery program, but also from the renovation of the gallery buildings. Since the mid-80s Deweer Gallery (formerly called Deweer Art Gallery) is housed in an exceptionally vast building that once hosted a small industrial company. In the course of 2011-2012 the gallery spaces have been renovated consistently. The result of the far going architectural operation a.o. means that the gallery’s public spaces (entrance lounge and three exhibition rooms) have doubled into a total surface of approx. 1200 m².
The new and enlarged gallery opened in September 2012 with the group show Re-Opening that illustrated Bart and Gerald Deweer’s intentions with regard to the renewal of the gallery’s program.

All of this perfectly enables Deweer Gallery to confirm its primary policy options and to further develop them. Deweer Gallery aims to be an internationally active gallery with an equally international effervescence, for artists of different nationalities and of different disciplinary categories, of emerging, young artists, mid-career and established artists, thus representing a fine group of artists that show a critical mix of rational, emotional and poetical qualities. 

In the course of its more than 35 year existence Deweer Gallery has accomplished a remarkable history.

At the beginning of the 80s Deweer Gallery was the first Belgian gallery to introduce the German New Wild Painting and the Italian Transavanguardia. The gallery presented solo shows with a.o. Georg Baselitz, A.R. Penck, Rainer Fetting, Enzo Cucchi and Mimmo Paladino. At the same time the gallery took on the promotion of contemporary Belgian artists. In 1983 the gallery organised its first individual exhibition with Panamarenko. It continues to represent the artist up until today. Jan Fabre was introduced in 1985. Over more than 30 years every important chapter in Fabre’s visual arts practice was illustrated in a solo show at Deweer Gallery.
In the second half of the 80s Deweer Gallery became the first non-German gallery of the German sculptor Stephan Balkenhol. Since the first one-man show in 1987 the artist made no less than 10 shows with Deweer.

In the 90s Deweer Gallery worked with a number of international artists who were critically acclaimed for their very strong and individual positions: Günter Brus (Austria), Günther Förg (Germany), Tony Cragg (Great Britain), Ilya Kabakov (Ukraine, from 1992 onwards!), Imi Knoebel (Germany), Gerhard Merz (Germany), Aernout Mik (The Netherlands), Siegfried Anzinger (Austria), Thomas Ruff (Germany, as early as 1992!) and Mark Wallinger (Great Britain) just to name these few.
Each of them made extraordinary use of the gallery’s museum like exhibition rooms in several solo shows. All shows were accompanied by a monographic publication edited by the gallery.

The new millennium was marked by the introduction of Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen who’s on-going Cosmopolitan Chicken Project was exhibited several times. The first two decades of the new millennium brought also the start of a number of continued collaborations with new artists: Matthieu Laurette (France, > 2004), Sergey Bratkov (Ukraine, > 2006), Enrique Marty (Spain, > 2006), Benjamin Moravec (France, > 2006), Andy Wauman (Belgium, > 2006), Stefaan Dheedene (Belgium, > 2007), Michaël Aerts (Belgium, > 2008), Cristina Lucas (Spain, >2008), Boris Mikhailov (Ukraine, >2009), Tatjana Gerhard (Switzerland, > 2010), Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (United States, >2011), Norbert Witzgall (Germany, >2011), Keren Cytter (Israel, >2013), Kasia Fudakowski (Great Britain, >2013), Jan De Cock (Belgium, >2013), Melissa Gordon (USA / UK, >2014), Shirana Shahbazi (Iran / Switzerland, >2014), George Little (Danmark, >2014), Michael Seidner (Germany, >2014), Marc Bauer (Switzerland, >2015), Thomas Kratz (Germany, >2015) and Anna Vogel (Germany, >2016).

In between this remarkable list of solo shows Deweer Gallery on a regular basis presented thematic group shows that likewise are the milestones of Deweer Gallery’s rich exhibition history; to name a few: 'Ouverture' (1985, at the occasion of the gallery’s move to its location at Tiegemstraat 6A), 'Xth Anniversary Show'(1989), 'A Painting Show'(1994, at the occasion of the inauguration of the current Room II), 'ECLiPS' (2004, at the occasion of the gallery’s 25th anniversary and presented at the former electric power plant Transfo in Zwevegem) and 'Art of the Loom – 32 Tapestries woven on the looms of Mark Deweer’s factory, Otegem, Belgium, 1985-2010' (2011) and finally 'Re-Opening' (2012, with a two-volume publication). 

Today Deweer Gallery unabatedly continues its historic impetus and resolutely chooses for continued renewal and innovation.

(Deweer Gallery, January 2016)

R.E. Waydelich & Omaggio aan Michelangelo, 1979. The opening of the very first exhibition of Deweer Art Gallery in the attic of the private home of Mark and Marleen Deweer on March 31, 1979.

At the opening of Ouverture, the first exhibition in the gallery's location Tiegemstraat 6A, in the presence of Jan Hoet, on October 12, 1985.

Jan Hoet (l.) & Mark Deweer (r.) visiting the exhibition Xth Anniversary Show, 1989.

(f.l.t.r.) Jo Coucke, Mark Deweer, Tony Cragg and his son, 1995.

one-man show Tony Cragg, 1995 - exhibition view

Jan Fabre, Umbraculum, 2002 - exhibition view

Matthieu Laurette, Commodities, 2004 - exhibition view

one-man show Stephan Balkenhol, 2005 - exhibition view

Sergey Bratkov, Dream Rooms, 2006 - exhibition view

Stefaan Dheedene, backdrop, 2007 - exhibition view

Enrique Marty, Aim at the brood!, 2006 - exhibition view

Matthieu Laurette, Plight 2, 2008 - exhibition view

Michaël Aerts, The Immaculate Collection, 2008 - exhibition view

Jan Fabre, Is the brain the most sexy part of the body?, 2008 - exhibition view

Cristina Lucas, Imago Mundi, 2008 - exhibition view

Art of the Loom - 32 Tapestries Woven On The Looms Of Mark Deweer's Factory, Otegem, Belgium, 1985 - 2010, 2011 - view on Ilya & Emilia Kabakov's The Flying Carpet, 2005-2006

Tatjana Gerhard, Als ob sie alles wussten, 2010 - exhibition view

Andy Wauman, The Golden Bullet That Takes A Million Years To Hit, 2012 - exhibition view

Speech by Mr Chris Dercon, director of Tate Modern in London, during the preview of 'Re-Opening', September 15, 2012

Re-Opening, 2012 - view at works by Kasia Fudakowski and Stefaan Dheedene

Re-Opening, 2012 - view at works by Jan Fabre

Keren Cytter, Tutorial, 2013 - exhibition view

Günther Förg, The Double Dream of Spring, 2013 - exhibition view

Kasia Fudakowksi, Where is your alibi, Mr. Motorway?, 2013 - exhibition view

Panamarenko Revisited, 2013 - exhibition view

Enrique Marty, Soft Cockney, 2013 - exhibition view

Jan De Cock, Everything For You , Otegem, 2013 - exhibition view

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Meadows on the grid float, and a playlist, a collaboration with Dena Yago, 2013 - exhibition view

Melissa Gordon, Modern Surfaces, 2014 - exhibition view

Shirana Shahbazi, 2014 - exhibition view

George Little, Wagon/Damask, 2014 - exhibition view

Michaël Aerts, It was like so, but wasn't, 2014 - exhibition view